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Sell online Locally or nationally, ByBuy enables you to select your selling radius from 1 Km to 3000 Km & anywhere in between!
Helping you Reduce logistics cost and connect with your local customers online.

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Reach Your customers online in 3 steps.

Create your ByBuy store 
& list your Products.

Consumer Subscribe & Buy from your ByBuy store.

Send Update to
Subscribed customer.

You're in charge.

Independent Store

On ByBuy, every seller has an Independent store from where consumers order directly.

Sellers will be able to set their own minimum order value, selling radius, manage orders, create offers and discounts, deliver products in their branded packaging & build their Independent brand on ByBuy.

Connect with Customers

Consumers can subscribe the ByBuy store they like ( Hint : it work just like subscribing a YouTube channel)

Seller will be able to give their subscribed consumers updates about offers, discounts & Products. Helping sellers get recurring orders from their loyal customers.

Direct Payment

Sellers get paid directly from the customers, ByBuy enables seller to offer consumers option to Pay on delivery or Online payment.

To enable online payment seller need to integrate a 3rd party payment gateway.
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Subscription is the key.

When subscribed consumers Order

ByBuy charge 0% transaction fee when an already subscribed customer
make a purchase at your ByBuy store (for lifetime!!)

Get your customer to subscribe your ByBuy store.
Save money and build your brand.

When unsubscribed consumers Order

ByBuy charges a 5% transaction fee when unsubscribed customer makes a purchase at your ByBuy store.(for all categories of sellers)

Fee is billed monthly.
*No other hidden charges on ByBuy

Everyone can sell, on ByBuy.

Local Store

Are you still taking orders on phone call and whatsapp?
Consumers buy more when they order online in comparison to when they order via call or whatsapp due to more information consumers have about the products available at your store, ByBuy replace phone calls and enable your consumers to order online directly from your store. Saving your time, increasing orders and attracting new customers to your store. Learn more...

Online Seller

ByBuy helps you increase your mobile presence, build your independent brand and connect with your customer directly at lowest cost, also on ByBuy you can sell using social media by sharing your ByBuy store on whatsapp.
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